RolaTube™ BRC — Saving Space and Improving our Environment

RolaTube products

Once in a while a new technology comes along that is both a new way of solving traditional engineering problems and enables truly innovative designs to be realised. RolaTube's Bi-stable Reeled Composites (BRCs), commonly known as "RolaTubes", are just such an innovation.

By using ground breaking methods for the design of Composite Materials RolaTube's BRC technology allows strong, long tubes and other structures to be rolled up, like a tape measure. Once rolled they stay rolled with no need for drums, springs, cases or any other mechanism or constraint. They are truly bi-stable.

BRCs, owned and globally patented by RTL Materials Ltd, have already begun to provide step-change, high value, substitutional solutions in the defence, oil and gas, civil engineering, aerospace and nuclear industries.